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Frequently asked questions and answers about Electa
What functionality does Electa have?
What is a SaaS?
How do I start using Electa? How long does it take?
What plan should I choose?
The price on website is in dollars. What currency am I going to be charged in? Is there a bank fee?
What happens to my account if my plan limit is exceeded?
How do you guarantee safety of my campaign data?
Can you customize the system?
Can I trial Electa?
If I need help, who do I go to? What level of support can I count on?
Do I need to expand my staff when implementing the system?
I already have a base of supporters (in another system/excel). How do I transfer it to Electa?
Do you have a mobile version of the product?
Which analytics is available in the system?
How do I switch from one plan to another?
How do I cancel my subscription? Will I be able to export my database when I cancel my subscription?
Do you collect my personal data? How do you guarantee the safety of my personal data?
Who has access to my database?

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