Who the solution is for
Who the solution is for
  • Political Consultant
  • Strategist, Ideologist of a political organisations
  • Political Marketing Specialist
  • PR team
Understand current approval ratings
Forecast campaign outcomes
Design campaign plan, strategy,
and tactics
Segment the audience and test
Make and recommend decisions based on data
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Manage political campaign strategy
Manage political campaign strategy

With Electa you can manage your election camapign online:

  • 01
    Select the correct audience, design a campaign plan, build tasks and allocate resources to maximize the impact of political events.
  • 02
    By constantly updating the data in Electa , you will get a picture of the current situation and forecast the outcomes of the campaign.
  • 03
    Test different messages for different audiences to select the most successful ones to use for the GOTV strategy.

Online platform to run smart
political campaigns 

A political consultant can use Electa platform to analyse target audiences. The collection of statistical data and feedback from citizens is carried out with the help of volunteers and canvassers using  Electa mobile app.

Electa allows to build reports to measure voter support levels (for example, "supporters", "swinging", "against")  at various geographical levels and according to any other chosen criteria. 

By using filters, you can create a list of contacts and assign it to the canvassers for the next stage of work according to the task plan.

Getting data from your grass-roots team allows to see changes in loyalty of specific population groups in response to your actions and then make informed decision based on real time data.

Electa is very easy to use
  • Cloud technology allows you to use Electa on any smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Mobile app is designed for canvassers to remotely receive and execute tasks and update data in real time.
  • A modern, intuitive interface is convenient for any level of user, allows you to quickly master the system and immediately start using it.
Electa is very easy to use
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Product overview
  • Electa is a cloud-based product with online and offline access (with subsequent data synchronization). The data is stored in an encrypted format and is protected against losses caused by technical failures or external attacks. Role-based access allows to configure who can have access to your data.
  • Dashboards display a range of analytics and statistics on the campaigns, voters and your staff.
  • Reports allow you to control and monitor tasks dynamics and errors.
Who else needs Electa?
Solution for politicians, canvasser managers, campaign managers, party leaders and others