Electa is for
Electa is for
  • Leader of a party, political organisation, movement
  • Community leader
  • Responsible deputies (organizational development, regions or special projects)
Manage the hierarchical structure of the organization
Manage tasks and projects, get reports
Monitor and optimize costs
Forecast campaign outcomes
Receive campaign analytics for party candidates
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Manage your party,  movement,  organisation online
Manage your party, movement, organisation online

With Electa you can manage the internal and external process online:

  • 01
    Electa allows to manage activities of the organisation as a whole as well as in regional offices.
  • 02
    Party or movement leaders can centrally and remotely manage organisation’s brand, coordinate events, run canvassing and election campaigns, to monitor tasks execution and results and control costs and expenses.
  • 03
    Based on the gathered data the leaders can forecast results of various election campaigns simultaneously and make informed decisions on the respective candidates.

Online platform for smart analytics

Using Electa, the parties, movements, and other political organisations can carry out systematic grass-roots work to build relations with supporters not only during election campaigns, but also after the elections are over.

With Electa’s mobile app, activists, volunteers, and canvassers can gather feedback from citizens. Data from the various sources gets collected in Electa and is accessible to political leaders, providing consolidated analytics of the audience.

Electa’s segmenting and targeting tools help identify the most loyal audiences in order to focus on them and achieve their quick and effective mobilisation at the right time.

Electa is very easy to use
  • Cloud technology allows you to use Electa on any smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Mobile app is designed for canvassers to remotely receive and execute tasks and update data in real time.
  • A modern, intuitive interface is convenient for any level of user, allows you to quickly master the system and immediately start using it.
Electa is very easy to use
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Product overview
  • Electa is a cloud-based product with online and offline access (with subsequent data synchronization). The data is stored in an encrypted format and is protected against losses caused by technical failures or external attacks. Role-based access allows to configure who can have access to your data.
  • Dashboards display a range of analytics and statistics on the campaigns, voters and your staff.
  • Reports allow you to control and monitor tasks dynamics and errors.
Who else needs Electa?
Solution for political consultants, canvasser managers, campaign managers and others