For politicians and candidates
  • Set up online headquarters and manage activities and projects
  • Run campaigns online: election, promotional, etc.
  • Build relationships with audiences, mobilise supporters
  • Manage your brand
  • Understand analytics and forecast results
For party/community
  • Manage structure and teams
  • Coordinate campaigns of party candidates
  • Maintain central supporter database
  • Keep an eye on the accounting and control expenses
  • Get overall analytics
For canvassers and volunteers
  • Deploy and engage canvassers and volunteers
  • Manage tasks and projects
  • Control costs and resources
  • Assign tasks to mobile teams
  • Get reports and monitor results
For political consultants
  • Get voter trends and opinions in real time
  • Segment the audience
  • Test different messages and use the best ones for targeting
  • Measure the effects and get campaign forecast
  • Create a hierarchical team online
  • Set tasks and manage projects
  • Coordinate volunteer engagement
  • Get analytics and segment the audience
  • Collect data and feedback from people
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