Add a supporter
Supporter Card
Create and manage a supporter database

Record all interactions in the supporter card: tasks, calls, addresses, etc. Plan further work with people based on the history of interactions.

Smart filtering
Target lists
Define the target audience

Filter the database by a set of parameters to identify segments of the target audience. Plan your funding and activities to engage with supporters.

Assigned tasks
Task progres
Productivity statistics
Canvassing addresses
Mobile app for canvassers and volunteers

Collect and process information using a mobile application. Determine in real time who your supporters are, where they live and their level of support

Team hierarchy
Staff Profile
Create Task
Create your own team

Manage your own team, assign different types of tasks, and control the execution process. Track and respond to errors made by employees, and on the basis of the information received, make personnel decisions about training, promotion or dismissal of the ineffective staff.

Support level graph
Task Analytics
Receive reports and analytics in real time

Track changes in loyalty and then build campaign predictions based on data. Get more accurate predictions by comparing with external social surveys. Analyse key performance indicators of each employee and the team.

Apartment block
Private house
Get a contact history and support level by address

Kepp history of interaction with people and get statistics of loyal households. You’ll know who your supporters are, where they live, and who they are surrounded by.

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