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Cloud solution to manage and engage supporters, volunteers, canvassers and staff

  • Manage tasks and projects online
  • Build relationships with the target audience
  • Analyse and segment the audience
  • Make data-driven decisions
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You’re a Politician or Candidate
  • Manage your election campaign with Electa.
  • Create projects, assign tasks for your teams, manage workload.
  • Evaluate performance against key indicators, optimize costs and team efforts.
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You’re a Party Leader
  • Coordinate party members actions.
  • Using analytical tools, assess whether a party nominee is likely to succeed and arrange necessary help .
  • Build and expand the centralised supporter database.
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You’re the Manager of Canvassers and Volunteers
  • Manage canvassers and volunteers with Electa
  • Quickly deploy canvassing networks, train your staff, organize and conduct door-to-door campaigns.
  • Assign tasks to the canvassers through the mobile app, coordinate their work and monitor the results.
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You’re a Strategist,
Political consultant
  • Get analytics on voters and trends in real time.
  • Segment and target the audience, measure the outcomes of events, messages and other actions,
  • Get an objective data-driven forecast of the election results.
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You're a Head of
  • OrganizeNGO/NCO activities to successfully solve challenges that the society faces.
  • Design the work of the organisation and its members so that people who need help could get access to it in a timely and sufficient manner.
  • Coordinate the work of volunteers and activists
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You’re a Politician or Candidate
You’re a Party Leader
You’re the Manager of Canvassers and Volunteers
You’re a Strategist,
Political consultant
You're a Head of
Would you like to find out more about pricing?
Electa: Election campaign management system
Election campaign management system

Electa is designed to help run smart campaigns and engage supporters at different stages in post-campaign period.

With Electa cloud platform, you can actively mobilise your supporters at any time in any segment to get necessary support

Quick Start
  • 01
    You can start working with Electa immediately after signing up, no need to download anything.
  • 02
    Electa mobile app available on Android and iOS allows canvassers and volunteers to remotely receive and complete tasks. The information collected by mobile users in the field syncs up with the central database in real time, so you always get the most up-to-date information.
  • 03
    Convenient, modern and intuitive interface for every user.
Electa: Quick Start
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Advantages of the
Cloud Solution

24/7 access
You have 24/7 access to your Electa platform from any device. Offline access for the mobile app is also possible, followed by data synchronization.
Access settings
Access to the system is customized by you for each user type individually (based on user roles).
Data protection
The data is stored in an encrypted format and is protected from both losses due to technical malfunctions, and malicious external or internal attacks.
Who we are

Electa  is a UK Saas company

Electa’s Mission is to help political, social, and human rights organisations effectively interact with their target audiences (voters, supporters, volunteers) - to build relationships with citizens to work together towards common goals. We help teams manage tasks and make informed decisions based on real time data and analytics

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Electa is a unified platform for party, movement or organisation management.
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